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There are some of the points regarding buying twitter likes which is now very much in use by the twitter handlers.

To increase the viewers

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To gain importance

Twitter is a platform where one can gain importance and eminence in a very less period. There are chances that you will be famous in very little time, and the reason behind that is buying likes. The user spends a lot of money on purchasing likes and it also works soon. The process is very much active and as we know things on the internet are very much fast and swift. There is no space for delays and discomfort. You pay money and the next moment you will turn into an important face on twitter.

Twitter likes are bought not only for increasing likes and followers, but also for adding a large number of twitter handlers to your account. An individual can buy twitter impression and turn his account of twitter on a higher scale by purchasing impression from a recognized site and they can touch the height of success in no time.