Nowadays, TikTok video advertising is on the rise. Not only working with any video content but also posting the short video pranks and promoting the brands that are paying for more bucks for every ad to appear for the next few seconds. 

Moreover, TikTok focuses on the weirdest user-generating video content with higher than 300M active users. 

Yes, spending a fair share of your upcoming quarter’s budget on one type of advertising might look risky. Still, when you have particularly not had enough experience with it before. But the fact is that within the end of 2023, more than 209 million users in the U.S anticipate work e-Marketer. As a result, if you are still considering spending on mobile video ads is a good step, then go ahead! 

Basics About TikTok

Do you remember Vine? It developed faster and fell steeper toughly a few years ago just to be fastly replaced by TikTok app is admired mostly by teens back in 2017 for finally making lip-sync a dream come true. 

TikTok users can shoot short videos of about 15 to 60 seconds longer, edit them, and reach their trending posts depending on locations and other personal choices. It is the most downloaded app globally that just recently hit the 1.5 billion remarks leaving behind Instagram. 

Who Uses TikTok?

TikTok ranks as the top 10 mobile social media applications with more than 300 million monthly active users. Star celebrities like Will Smith, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jimmy Fallon are among the user base. 

Indeed, the primary problem with the several marketers has come with TikTok because it’s mainly famous with users aging between 16 to 24 years. But the counts are slowly falling as the audience age changes. If you try to focus on the representatives of GenZ in specific, TikTok is your goldmine option. 

Advertising TikTok

Do you know how you get effective results from affiliate marketing? You research, plan, and improve every one of your ad campaigns. This method needs much more time and ideas from your side, yet it sure pays off with an effective result in the end. 

Initially, you need to choose the right platform to perform your advertising process. 

Understand Your TikTok Ads

Initially, these days TikTok is the platform for the Gen-Zers to change whenever they have got their mobile phones in their hands. Thus, TikTok provides mobile advertising potential, where it might be your time to win the competition. 

Next, they are Gen-Zers. It brings out the customized disadvantages, but in primary, it recommends that TikTok has very well-defined audiences; you should plan if or not it suits your necessity. 

Finally, the TikTok video is a selected type of content for achievable content marketers globally and the essential part. 

Types of TikTok Ads

In-feed video ads are a form of traditional advertising. Every ad seems to be integrally perfect for the available feed page. Simply scrollable, not that annoying, and pretty easy to check their performance.

Branded Takeover represented as a full-screen in-depth ad format. It’s generally shown within the first few seconds upon entering TikTok, and it has an image or a GIF on the video. 

TopView Ads is the hybrid form of ad format that works between the brand takeover and in-feed video ads. These ads started when the app initiated that suits the user’s feed page. Contrary to the in-feed ad videos, TopViews occupies the complete screen. Hence, the advertised content is the only factor that lets you grow your profile’s reach. In addition to that, you can buy TikTok fans that ultimately increase your user base and also gain more popularity 

Hashtag Challenges is typically user-generated content at best. The brands require to make a video with definite factors. Say, for example, dance or audio content. You can tag it with branded hashtags that pay to sponsor or straightly within the TikTok marketing methods. Also, you can see people becoming crazy by making variations from the original video.