Compared to the Stories feature of Instagram, the Instagram Tv (IGTV) lets you create longer-form videos and share them. The feed videos are long up to sixty seconds, and Instagram stories are long up to fifteen seconds. On the other hand, IGTV, when uploading through the phone it can be up to fifteen minutes in length, and when uploaded through desktop, it can be up to sixty seconds. To grasp the attention of viewers obtain IGTV views cheap from our service. This IGTV opens up a world for chances for content creators and brands to experiment with ideas and content they might not have previously considered. 

Recently Instagram introduced the ability to save the LIve session of Instagram as Instagram TV (IGTV). This efficiently features the process of content creation and stops the businesses and brands from having to regenerate the process and think up new ideas every single time. 


The style of the content is one of the major differences between IGTV and Stories. For example, your Instagram Stories can be your recent work, latest project, ready and rough moments from your day, or more candid. The best way to use Instagram TV is to create a repeatable style and theme that your audience can accept with each part. This will make your audiences and followers come back for more, obtain IGTV Likes for your series and gain much more likes.  At a particular time or day of the month or week, they can click on your account/ profile and tune into your latest Instagram TV, which will wonderly work for deepening the relationships with your followers.

For example, a skincare brand might have two different series on IGTV: the first one focuses on what products suit what type of skin and why and another series focuses on how-tos and tutorials.


Include the below steps when you are creating an IGTV video: teaser of the videos, title screen of the video, compelling introduction of the videos, three to five succinct points of the videos, and finally, a call to action.


Whether you are a brand or business new to Instagram TV or a long-time user, use each episode as a chance to build a story around your content. First, we have to discuss the various iGTV elements and how to optimize them: thumbnail of the video, title of the videos, caption of the videos, hashtags of the videos, URL of the videos, and Upload of the videos. 

Thumbnails of IGTV: to grab people’s attention, cover images or thumbnails are the great keys.

Title of IGTV: keep your title as punchy and short as possible.

The caption of IGTV: ensure the caption of your IGTV is a spark to the conversation and easy to read.

Hashtags of IGTV: use the hashtags from twenty to thirty and make sure that they are relevant to your content.

URL of IGTV: you can include clickable links with your IGTV captions.

Uploads of IGTV: you can upload the IGTV videos from both desktop and mobile.