The Ultimate Guide To Create, Edit & Share Instagram Reels

Instagram rolled out a new feature called “Reels” which allows you to create short-form videos for  15-30 seconds along with few editing options to make your content attractive. Reels is about your creativity and entertainment. Though Reels is fairly similar to TikTok, there are some main differences between the features of Reels and TikTok. In this article, let us see how to create, edit and share Instagram reels

Steps To Create Instagram Reels

Open the Instagram app and Tap the camera in the top left corner. There are three options like Stories, IGTV and Reels. You are going to create Reels. So, Choose the Reels Tab.

There are four icons on the left side in the Reels mode. Making effective use of these editing options can spruce up your video and gather more likes on Instagram Reels within a very short time from posting the video. Consider using music, playback speed, effects, and Timer.

  • Music: Select audio to a background of your video content.
  • Speed: Based on your content, choose the playback speed like slow motion or fast forward.
  • Effects: AR filters are masks and backgrounds which make your video interactive.
  • Timer: You don’t have to stop recording if you use the timer option which helps to predetermine your video length.

There are few camera settings also available like change the front or rear camera and turn the flash on or off. Furthermore, if you would like to add pre-recorded videos, you could add it from your phone library using plus sign at the bottom of the corner.

How To Edit And Share With The Audience?

Don’t be surprised that there are still a new set of four options too at the top of the screen. 

  • Text: Use this while you want to change the font style and font colour.
  • Draw: Doodle with a number of colors on the video.
  • Stickers: Add stickers, GIFs and emojis based on your interest.
  • Download: Tap to save your video on your phone or pc.

Finally, you have seen the Next arrow (>) at the bottom right corner after you are finished editing the video and click the arrow tab. There is an option to write a caption. You can add your video relevant hashtags and descriptive captions. It helps the audience find your video. It’s time to share your video with the audience. 

Now that you will be able to see how many audiences like your Instagram Reels. When your content is liked by more audiences, your video is displayed on the top page. It helps to feed your Instagram profile. Trying to create attractive and authentic content for your business.


Reels have more options to publish more attractive videos to the audience. Your video is interesting to watch the audience. After that, you will have a high engagement, grab the audience’s attention and more visibility. These things help bring your Reels in front of the audience those who are not following you.