How To Grow Your IGTV Channel: 5 Flourishing Tips

I think you all know the most famous app on YouTube & Snapchat, but what about IGTV?

It is a standalone app which is launched in 2018, it’s a completely online video platform. It is one of the new features of Instagram. In this digital world, you can’t ignore the demand for video content. Did you know? The phrase “what is IGTV” was searched 40,500 times worldwide. IGTV is also known as Instagram TV, this feature on Instagram, especially for horizontal and vertical mobile videos. On IGTV, users are allowed to post videos for up to 1 hour, it’s completely good news for business owners, marketers. Because they can share more information about products and services. 

If you are looking forward to growing your IGTV channel, then follow the tips mentioned- below.

Let’s get started,

Tip 1: Keywords Are Mandatory

 Keywords play a major role in finding your content easily by your audience. Imagine how people will discover your content or channel on Instagram?; keywords are a must in your content. On IGTV, you can place your targeted keywords in the name of your channel or in the title. It helps when people search for a particular topic or content; if that matches with your video, it will be displayed for them. Keep in mind, don’t use technical and industry phrases; think about how people will search for particular videos using keywords. 

Tip 2: Post Exclusive Video 

Exclusivity will never backfire; you can use this method to increase your followers rate on IGTV. Try to construct video particularly for your IGTV, find topics that are captivating to your audience. If you use the term exclusive for IGTV, that makes your audience follow your channel. Because they won’t want to miss your new content. That hype among your audience will raise IGTV views and generate more engagement to your channel. Spend some time choosing the topic. Also, you can get ideas from your audience. Posting this kind of video will influence your audience to watch your video without failure.

Tip 3: Make Use Of Story & Live Features 

IGTV has native integration with Instagram. You can use Instagram stories and live features to promote your IGTV videos. Moreover, you can share a preview of your IGTV video via Instagram story directly. All you need to do is tapping the paper airplane at the end of the video you want to share. On the other hand, you can post some exciting clippings as sneak peeks of your new IGTV video on your Instagram story. It makes your audience visit your channel to watch that particular video. 

Another way is by just going live sharing behind-the-scenes for your new IGTV video. It’s like promoting your IGTV video. 

Tip 4: Utilize Other Social Media Platforms 

If you are active on other social media platforms, you can use this opportunity to share your IGTV channel. You can just come up with a teaser or sneak a peek of your latest videos and publish them on YouTube, Facebook, and more. Ask your other media followers to visit your IGTV channel. This way, you can expect more followers.

Tip 5: Do Promotions 

As I already mentioned, it’s a new platform, so it needs promotions to get more reach. You can place your channel in your blog posts. Use an email list to share it through the newsletter. You can add your IGTV symbol or link to your website. 


I think you all enjoyed this article, we’ll guide you to gain more followers and visibility to your IGTV channel. Actually, it’s a perfect tool to get an engaging audience and to connect with them. Then why are you waiting? Let’s create your IGTV channel and use these tips to develop it. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.